Transfer Requests for Brazilian Shooter Supplies
All transfer requests are to come from the dealer that is shipping the firearm. We do not provide our FFL to individuals. It is an official document and is intended for the use of those transferring firearms to us.  
FFL Transfer Fee: $40
Basic Procedures
FFL Transfers from a dealer
After you purchase (pay for) the firearm, let the dealer know that you want the firearm shipped to Brazilian Shooter Supplies. If they have our FFL license on hand, nothing else is required.
If they do not have our FFL license, provide them with our email address to request the FFL –
We cannot just ship our FFL based on a request from a buyer. The dealer will provide us with their FFL for our records.
After receiving a request from the dealer for our FFL, we will email a copy for their shipping records.
As soon as the firearm transfer process is complete, you will be called and notified that you can pick it up.
Please do not come pick up your firearm after you receive tracking notification from the shipping company. Just because they delivered the package, does not mean the firearm is ready for pickup – please wait for a phone call or email from us before you come.


FFL Dealer - Registered Exporter

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